This is me!

I am a grad student of applied physics at California institute of technology. Currently I am residing at the beautiful Pasadena, and I work at Thomas J. Watson Laboratory of applied physics and Material Science. My Adviser is professor Harry Atwater and My research is about single photon emitters in hexagonal Boron Nitride. You can find more about my research here.

Watson Lab. of applied physics at Caltech
Watson Lab. of applied physics at Caltech

I love astronomy and star gazing. In my free time I like to go hiking, watch movies and read books about human mind, physics and history.  You can follow me on my twitter page, and if you want to discuss science or movies or books, or if you are an old friend who just found this page by googling the name of your old friend, you can contact me.

Me trying to stand still so the long exposure photo with the milky way galaxy background is not ruined!